Saturday, 18 August 2018

Preparations Being Made

Sunday 18th August

We heard today from the adjutant of 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire regiment, part of 5th Division. They are currently in billets at Doullens. Yesterday they marched a couple of miles or so south-east to Orville where they spent the night. They have been warned to be ready to move at short notice, encouraging the belief that the great drive against the enemy will soon continue again.

2nd Battalion, meanwhile, was relieved today, moving back from the front line to Henencourt Wood directly west of Albert. Preliminary orders have been issued "in the event of the Brigade going forward" allowing us to draw our own conclusions. If and when the attack is made 54th Brigade will, we understand, be the vanguard of 18th Division. 

Sources: X550/2/5, X550/3/wd

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