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Wootton and the War

Wootton church [Z50/136/5]

Tuesday 6th October 1914: Perusing this month’s parish magazine from Wootton we find that a good number of men in the village have signed up. The magazine is quoted at length below:

“Wootton takes a little place in contributing men to the navy and army, and many workers are engaged in helping to supply clothing for soldiers at the “front”. On September 9th a party of about thirty recruits, most of the recruited by Mr. Arthur Goldie before and after the march-out of the Highland Brigade from Bedford two days before, went off in a body to join the Territorials”.

“A further recruiting meeting was held in the school on September 15th when the Lord Lieutenant of the County, Mr. Howard Whitbread, and Mr. Arthur Black, our Member[1], attended and spoke. But it was a very wet night, and as Wootton had done so well only a few days before in the matter, it is not to be wondered at that the meeting was not a very large one”.

“Mr. W. H. Mepham has drawn up what appears to be a very full and accurate list of Wootton Men in the Navy and Army which will interest us all”.

This list is as follows[2]

·        F. Eastwood – pre-dreadnought HMS Lord Nelson
·        F. Farrer
·        W. Harris – submariner
·        F. Lovell – destroyer HMS Swift
·        F. Robinson
·        W. Tysoe – armoured cruiser HMS Hogue[3]

·        20979 Private Charles Ashpole – Border Regiment
·        54998 Private Leonard Baker – Royal Artillery
·        7611 Private Frederick Bird – 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        2939 Bugler Thomas Ellis – Rifle Brigade
·        65751 Gunner Jesse Hutchings – 124th Brigade Royal Horse Artillery[4]
·        Walter Hutchings – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        18388 Quarter Master Sergeant Charles Thomas Isaac – Army Service Corps
·        J. Loft – Royal Field Artillery
·        9597 Lance Corporal Frederick John Moore – 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[5]
·        S. Moore – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        37198 Private George Newberry – 5th Reserve Scottish Infantry
·        8882 Lance Corporal Charles Parker – 1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment[6]
·        8125 Private Jubilee Jack Parker – 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[7]
·        7931 Private Richard George Pateman – 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[8]
·        226017 Corporal Arthur Redman – 18th Divisional Signal Company
·        26306 Colour Sergeant Instructor Henry Stephen Emcil Short – 3rd Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment
·        Captain Sinfield – Army Service Corps
·        Henry Steele – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        P. Wadsworth – Royal Artillery
·        Charles Yarrow
·        G. Yarrow

Special Reserves
·        13552 Private Alfred Ashpole – 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards
·        G. Benson
·        3106106 Private William Brightman – 54th Canadian Infantry
·        J. Chandler
·        3/7006 Private Frederick John Gilbert – 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[9]
·        AN/300174 Sapper Harry Owen Goff – INW Reserve
·        7294 Private Stanley Harris – 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        22211 Private Walter George Lambert – 5th Brigade, Royal Irish Fusiliers
·        F. Parrott – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        4559 Private Joseph Parrott – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        10309 Private Henry Robinson – 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[10]
·        10481 Private Edward Russell – 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment[11]
·        H. Stafferton – Bedfordshire Regiment
·        22225 Lance Corporal James Stafferton – 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers
·        3/7293 Private Albert George Steele – 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[12]

·        Emery Ashpole - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        J. Ashpole - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        3987 Private William Ernest Ashpole – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[13]
·        G. Ayres - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        3684 Corporal Thomas Billing – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[14]
·        200413 Sergeant Walter John Bird – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        2445 Sergeant Thomas Richard William Butler - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[15]
·        G. Chappell - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        13326 Private Ernest John B. Church – killed in action 7th May 1915, commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
·        Lieutenant Gray Lancelot Lisle Foster – 8th Hussars
·        200303 Sergeant William Thomas Gilbert - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        233509 Private Frederick John Granby – 2nd (City of London Royal Fusiliers) Battalion, London Regiment[16]
·        33053 Private John Edward Keep – Leicestershire Regiment
·        200373 Private James Lovell – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[17]
·        200307 Sergeant Jesse Lovell – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        3689/200305 Sergeant Edward John Lowe – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        18559 Sergeant William Charles Lowe – 54th Divisional Cyclist Company
·        350641 Private Arthur Moore – discharged (later Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)
·        3974 Private Herbert Moore – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment[18]
·        200304 Corporal Albert Robinson – 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        F. Slater - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
·        F. Wadsworth - 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment

Sources: P3/30/32; 1918 Absent Voters Register – Bedford

[1] Liberal MP for Biggleswade from 1906 to 1918.
[2] The number, rank and unit is taken from the Commonwealth war Graves Commission website or from the 1918 Absent Voters register for Bedford and so reflects their status at the end of the war rather than the beginning
[3] Sunk on 22nd September 1914 – Tysoe survived.
[4] Died of wounds on 23rd April 1917, buried at Hénin Communal Cemetery Extension
[5] Killed in action on 16th June 1915, commemorated on the le Touret Memorial
[6] Killed in action on 14th February 1916, buried at Potijze Burial Ground, Ypres
[7] Died of wounds 11th November 1914, buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
[8] Killed in action on 19th November 1914, commemorated on the le Touret Memorial
[9] Killed in action 16th May 1915, buried at Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy
[10] Killed in action on 22nd April 1918, buried in Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes
[11] Killed in action on 19th April 1915, commemorated on Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
[12] Died on 10th March 1915, commemorated on the le Touret Memorial
[13] Died 10th July 1915, buried in Wootton churchyard
[14] Killed in action 17th August 1915, commemorated on the Helles Memorial
[15] Died of wounds 18th August 1915, buried at East Mudros Military Cemetery, Lemnos
[16] Killed in action 14th April 1917, commemorated on the Arras Memorial
[17] Died 10th March 1919, buried in Wootton churchyard
[18] Died 24th September 1915, buried in Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta

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