Monday 16 July 2018

Heavier Bombardments

Tuesday 16th July 1918

Yesterday your correspondent reported news from 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, near Merville, that our artillery had been particularly active and noted the speculations of the troops as to what this might mean. 

Today the adjutant reports that the bombardment has been more intense than ever - describing it as "practically continuous, night and day". However he has not observed any "purposeful staff wallahs" as he put it and no special orders have been received, so the betting is still evenly divided on whether this means an attack is in the offing or not. He did make the observation that if High Command intends any sustained offensive the year is beginning to run towards autumn and the lessons of the attack at Ypres last year, which became bogged down in the slither of October and sludge of November, suggest that a major offensive is undertaken is best commenced at high summer and not later.

Sources: X550/2/5

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