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Yesterday's Casualties

Monday 1st July 1918

Yesterday's successful operation near Albert by 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment included a number of casualties. The adjutant totted them up as eight killed, forty six wounded and one missing. Two of those wounded were Lieutenant A E Hammond and Second Lieutenant H W Haward. The following other ranks were also hurt: 

A Company 
49675 Private H. Freeman 
39758 Private J. Stammers 
25841 Private A. Hilliard 
49635 Private H. J. Henley

B Company 
17956 Private E. Albon 
25230 Private H. Bird 
41528 Private H. Burn 
37591 Corporal E. H. Briston 
18023 Acting Sergeant O. Crawley 
20324 Sergeant W. Deighton 
20284 Private M. P. Evans 
50195 Private G. Eastaway 
18057 Lance Corporal H. Fernyhough 
12608 Private O. Goldsmith 
14580 Private G. Hayden 
32128 Lance Corporal G. Houghton 
25954 Private P. J. Hobbs 
15897 Corporal W. F. Jacklin 
29471 Private J. H. Lilley 
13293 Lance Corporal R. J. Minns 
14322 Private H. Mattin 
29287 Private A. G. Pegg 
202671 Private B. Rolf 
48974 Private C. W. Raynor 
15782 Corporal T. J. Squires 
10837 Private J. W. Platts 
41559 Private A. S. Smith 
16531 Private P. Single 
43556 Private W. Tidswell 
18631 Private S. Todd 
18531 Private W. Woodfield 

C Company 
6594 Private C. Ansell 
49308 Private J. W. Bennett 
40241 Lance Corporal W. T. Davison 
9603 Private W. Giles 
49233 Private E. V. Hancock 
14446 Sergeant S. W. Jaggard 
206737 Private A. Lauderdale 
271706 Private H. J. Mann 
21607 Private G. Price 
47415 Private D. Plews 
16575 Private A. Pindred 
203338 Private C. Thurley 
43799 Private S. Trewhella 

 41539 Private B. Fardon of B Company
 39837 Lance Corporal H. B. Wadsworth of D Company(1)

Source: X550/3/wd

(1) Lieutenant Haward died the following day and is buried at Pernois British Cemetery, Halloy-les-Pernois; Corporal Briston would die on 2nd July and is buried at Pernois British Cemetery; Private Hancock would die of his wounds at home on 4th November and is buried in Willesden New Cemetery; Private Price would die on 1st July and is buried at Pernois British Cemetery; Private Thurley would be killed on 18th September and is commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial; 

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