Saturday 3 November 2018

Austrians Collapse

Sunday 3rd November 1918

As we await the commencement of another allied advance over the next few days we have today heard of the collapse of the second partner in the Triple Alliance. Turkey begged an armistice a few days ago. Last night, we understand, the Austro-Hungarian Empire announced an armistice. Germany is now fighting alone. 

Things are a little confused but it appears that, though the armistice was intended to come into effect tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock the Austrian high command has ordered its troops to cease fighting with immediate effect. This is a triumph for our Italian allies who, following the commencement of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto on 24th October have been advancing with certainty against a tired and demoralised foe. The great Italian victory was assisted by troops from this country and from France.

This great cataclysm of the World began with Austro-Hungarian intransigence and aggression towards its tiny neighbour Serbia in the Summer of 1914. Since then the arrogance and militarism displayed by Austria has caused the deaths of millions. It is a great satisfaction that this reckless empire has reaped the rewards of its evil deeds.

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