Monday 5 November 2018

Bedfords at Jolimetz

Tuesday 5th November 1918

The advance begun yesterday by our armies continued today. Progress has not been so fast as the top brass might like but this is not down to want of courage or industry by the soldiers. Those of us present last year during the latter stages of the Battle of Passchendaele are minded of conditions then. The roads are practically impassible by continuous, sheeting rain. This makes bringing up the artillery and supplies a very time consuming operation. the rain has also had its effect on the many small brooks in the area, turning them, at times, into veritable torrents. We understand things are as difficult for our American allies south of us, embedded with the French armies but, like our men, they continue to make progress. Rumour has it that the enemy are withdrawing along a line extending from the River Meuse to Condé.

1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, part of 5th Division was in action today. near Jolimetz, a mile or two south-east of le Quesnoy where yesterday the New Zealanders returned, for a few hours, to the Middle Ages in storming this walled fortress town. Jolimetz is also on the north-west limits of the Forest of Mormal. The Bedfords seized their first objective without opposition but encountered machine gun fire in advancing towards their next objective which, despite casualties, they also took.

Source: X550/2/5

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