Thursday 7 August 2014

Woburn and District Does Its Bit

Bedford Street, Woburn [X21/760/1]

Friday 7th August 1914, Woburn: Here, as elsewhere, the war is the dominant topic. Woburn has contributed its quota to the reserve forces, territorials etc., their numbers including some of the Abbey* staff, the rural postman for Milton Bryan, one of the town constables etc. Most of these have already gone and the yeomanry went on Thursday. Numbers of horses have been registered, including about thirty from His Grace's paddocks. Post Office work is very strenuous, the staff being on duty all night.

Mr. W. Coopey, the popular sailor landlord of the Anchor Inn, Aspley Guise and Mr. Warwick, who has recently started a business in the village, left for London on Tuesday morning in response to the Official Navy order.

In connection with the Mobilisation of the Fleet, Mr. Rowberry, the Manager of the Swimming Baths and Pumping Station in Husborne Crawley and also his assistant Mr. Harry Young, have had to take a hurried leave. The latter had just finished his month's annual training.

Source: Bedfordshire Times: 7th August 1914; 25th September 1914 and 2nd October 1914

*Woburn Abbey: seat of the Duke of Bedford 

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