Tuesday 25 July 2017

Another Raid Planned on Umbrella Hill

Wednesday 25th July 1917

The adjutant of 1st/5th Battalion has wired to tell us that the Battalion has been ordered to carry out another raid on Umbrella Hill in a few days time. Preparations were started at once and the various modifications - especially in the size of the parties employed were discussed and decided on. Practice started at once. Turkish prisoners report that there are still three machine-guns and three mortars in the works, also one light 37 mm quick-firing gun.

The raiding party will be split into two groups - raiders and support, it being felt that no reserve is necessary. Instead a trench party of sixty one under the Regimental Sergeant Major will man the Battalion’s own front line trench to assist the raiders and support after withdrawal, directing them as to the best way through the lines in case of a hostile barrage. The size of each of the two raiding groups has been reduced to avoid bunching at the end of the raid, which presents targets for other Turkish positions.

Source: X550/6/8

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