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More Battalion Orders

Sunday 20th January 1918

Another set of battalion orders, for today, has been sent to me by Captain Seys-Phillips of the 7th Bedfords.

1. DUTIES: Battalion Orderly Officer Lieutenant G D Leys, D Company.

2. REVEILLE: Reveille 8 a.m.
Breakfast 8.30 a.m.

3. CHURCH PARADE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Service 10.30 a.m. Minimum number to attend 25 per company. Holy Communion after Service.
Dress: - Belt and Bayonet.
Place: - To be notified later.

4. DECREASES: Lieutenant-Colonel G P Mills, DSO, having been retained in England for employment with the Ministry of Munitions is struck off strength from 23/12/17. (Authority Adjutant General., General Headquarters., Number A.G./2158/559 (O). 18th Division 106/165 "A" and 54th Infantry Brigade Number A/218/5).
No.37813, Corporal Machin, G E, A Company, having been accepted as a candidate for a temporary commission is struck off strength from 23/1/18. (Authority"Sent to England under the terms of M.S.letter No.516/8471 d/6:12:16")

The undermentioned having been evacuated on dates stated are struck off strength accordingly.
40496 Private Abel, W, A Company 14/1/18.
39774, Private Carter, J, C Company 16/1/18.

5. CORRECTION Ref.Battalion Order Number 5.D/18:1:18, paragraph 2 delete No.41353 Private Stott, R, A Company.

6. CASUALTY: The Commanding Officer regrets to announce the undermentioned casualty.
41353, Private Stott, R, A Company, Wounded in Action 12/1/18.

(Signed) H. SEYS-PHILLIPS, Captain and Acting Adjutant,
7th (Service) Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment


Morning Service 11 a.m. followed by Holy Communion.
Evening Service 5 p.m.
The above will be held in Cinema Hall

MASS in Saint-Sixte Convent 10 a.m.


CASUALTIES: The Commanding Officer regrets to announce the following casualties.

41567 Private Pollard, A, B Company 15/1/18(1)

16761 Lance Corporal Brown, A, C Company 13/1/18
41535 Private Loveridge, L, C Company 13/1/18
40673 Private Aldridge, T, D Company 18/1/18
29327 Private Mapley, J, D Company 18/1/18
41594 Private Masters, J, D Company 18/1/18
29832 Private Cakebread, J, D Company 18/1/18 still at duty(2)
40729 Private Henny, J, D Company 18/1/18 still at duty

(Signed) H. Seys-Phillips, Captain and Acting Adjutant.
7th (S) Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment

Source: X550/8/1

(1) Angelo Pollard, from Westcliff-on-Sea [Essex] has no known grave, being commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial

(2) Private J Cakebread MM would be killed with 2nd Battalion on 4th November and be buried at Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay

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