Monday 21 May 2018

The Trainers for the Americans

Tuesday 21st May 1918

Today we learned the officers of the 6th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment comprising the training staff for the Americans. Lieutenant-Colonel F. H. Edwards M.C. will be commanding officer.His staff will comprise Acting Captain D.M.Saunders (adjutant) Captain J. A. M. Hislop (Quartermaster), Captain A. W. Elliott M. C., Acting Captain O. E. Hobson, Lieutenants D. J. Greig (Lewis Gun Officer), and C. C. Clifford (Intelligence Officer) and Second Lieutenants W. Johnson, A. E. Iliffe  E. E. Ashby, (Signals Officer) as well as Regimental Sergeant Major, four Company Sergeant Majors, a Company Quartermaster Sergeant and forty eight other ranks. They proceeded to Mondricourt and caught a train to Audruicq.

Source: X550/7/1

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