Monday, 9 November 2015

3rd/5th Bedfords at Wendover – Still Want Recruits

A platoon on parade at Wendover 

Tuesday 9th November 1915: Intending recruits should visit one of the amber and black rosetted sergeants at 46 Gwyn Street, Bedford. Now then, you Bedford lads, join your Regiment – the 5th Bedfordshires – while still you have the chance. Today is time enough – December 1st is too late. Today you can choose your own Regiment – the 5th Beds of course. On December 1st a regiment will be chosen for you – as after December 1st recruits will go where they are sent, and not necessarily where they want to be. Don’t hesitate. Now’s the time(1).

Source: Bedfordshire Times 19th November 1915

(1) The Military Service Act 1916, which came into force on 2nd March that year, would go further, introducing conscription for all single able-bodied men between 18 and 41 unless their wife had died and they had dependent children, they were in a reserved occupation or unless they were ministers of religion. 

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