Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Finally the Attack Comes

Wednesday 23rd February 1916: The adjutant of the 2nd Battalion at Maricourt tells us that there was a heavy snowstorm yesterday which at least meant that the guns were silent. At dusk, however, the Germans made an attack on 7th Division, the division to which the battalion used to belong and which is now stationed on their left flank. The attack was preceded by an intense bombardment lasting half an hour. Heavy rifle and machine gun fire prevented the Germans getting a foothold in our trenches. “Those of the enemy who left their own trenches did not return” the adjutant told us with some satisfaction. No gas was used because it was too cold. The adjutant opined that this was probably the attack they had been warned to expect on 14th February, though directed against a different part of the line.

Source: X550/3/wd

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