Tuesday 5 July 2016

Day Five on the Somme

Wednesday 5th July 1916 From our Correspondent in the Field

The 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, is still resting after its heroics on the first day of this battle, which is now in its fifth day. They remained all day in Carnoy and Caftet Wood. The adjutant today issued a congratulatory letter to all ranks from Colonel Price, which reads as follows: “It is difficult for the Commanding Officer to add to the great praise bestowed on the Battalion by the higher commands. While we all deplore the loss of our brave comrades fallen in the great fight, the knowledge that the Battalion won its objective, in spite of stubborn resistance encountered and with such steadiness, determination and gallantry, is a great compensation for those who have fallen on the slopes of the Pommiers Redoubt”.

“It is a great honour to command a Battalion which has shown such fine fighting qualities and the Commanding Officer, in tendering his heartfelt thanks to Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men, feels sure that whenever called upon the Battalion will live up to the high reputation it has earned on the field of battle”.

The night attack which we mentioned yesterday was to be undertaken by 17th Division towards the village of Contalmaison was duly carried out. The Quadrangle, just north of Bottom Wood was seized and 23rd Division, attacking on the left flank also made ground, though pushed back by a determined counter-attack. A fresh attack by 23rd Division has just (6 pm) retaken the lost ground.

Sources: X550/8/1

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