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Roll of Honour - 1st July 1916

Killed in Action

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in reserve for successful 30th Division attack on Montauban-de-Picardie
  • 13381 Private Richard Albert BESWICK, 19, born Marylebone [London], resided North Kensington [London], son of John and Marian H Beswick of 34 Waldo Road, College Park [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 4/6921 Private Frederick Charles FEAST, born and resided Royston [Hertfordshire] (Cérisy-Gailly Military Cemetery)
  • 10728 Private Arthur GREEN, 23, son of Elizabeth Cardy of 87 Barrack Street, Colchester [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 18747 Private Ernest John HOLDEN, 19, son of Thomas Holden Margaret Springham (ex-Holden) of High Wych [Hertfordshire] (Cérisy-Gailly Military Cemetery)
  • 19340 Private James Phillip LISTON, born Gibraltar, resided Pimlico [London] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt)

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: successful 18th Division attack on Pommiers Redbout and ground between Montauban-de-Picardie and Mametz
  • 15942 Private Edward ADAMS, born and resided Warboys [Huntingdonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 19803 Private Walter ANSELL, born and resided Ampthill (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19794 Private Frederick William ARMSTRONG, 20, born and resided Eaton Green, Luton, son of Thomas and Annie Elizabeth Armstrong (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 20789 Lance Corporal Edward Walter ATKINS, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 22865 Private Eugenio BARGIONI, 19, born Clerkenwell [London], son of Zaira Bargioni of 13 Little Grays Inn Lane, Holborn [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 17270 Private Joseph BATEMAN, 33, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], resided Kentish Town [London], brother of George Bateman of 5 Campion Terrace, Cricklewood [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 16052 Private William BENSON, born and resided Kempston (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15050 Corporal Alec BOWLES, born Enfield [Middlesex], resided Fulham [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 18195 Private George John BRETT, born and resided Tyttenhanger Green [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 20097 Lance Corporal Henry George BROWN, 29, born Enmis [Clare], husband of Catherine Ann of 7 Albert Street, Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of Henry George and Jane Brown (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19810 Private William George BROWN, 25, born Little Amwell [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Mary Brown of 12 London Road, Hertford Heath (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 18200 Private Thomas Burgess CARR, 38, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], husband of Edith Mary of High Street, Toddington, son of John and Dinah Carr (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15249 Private Frederick Herbert CARTER, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 3/8101 Lance Corporal William CHANDLER, born and resided Houghton Regis (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15748 Private William Garner CLARK, 29, born and resided Southoe [Huntingdonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 16535 Private  William George CLARKE, born Toddington, resided Fancott (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 14685 Private Albert Francis COLEMAN, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Hammersmith [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 12752 Private Albert George COOK, born Ridgmont, resided Eversholt (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15704 Sergeant William Percy COOPER, 30, born Wootton, son of Albert and Ann Cooper of 2a Cater Street, Kempston (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15354 Sergeant Arthur Ernest CORNELL, 22, born Bedford, son of William and Annie Cornell of Cornwall Road, Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19213 Lance Corporal Charlie George COX, born Barkway [Hertfordshire], resided Luton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 17236 Lance Corporal Edward CROFT, 35, born Great Wymondley [Hertfordshire], resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 13541 Private Arnold CUTLER, 26, born Lambeth [London], resided Kensington [London], brother of Alice Court of 97 Prince's Road, Kennington Road [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 20317 Private Peter DARRINGTON, son of George Darrington and Hannah Elizabeth Ekins (ex-Darrington) of Roxton (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 17278 Private George William DAWBON, born Ickleford [Hertfordshire], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 22907 Private Henry DAWES born Kettering [Northamptonshire], son of Mrs J Dawes of 29 Wellingborough Road, Higham Ferrers [Northamptonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15766 Private George DRURY, 24, born Willesden [Middlesex], resided Finsbury Park [London], son of Walter and Fanny Drury of 15 Citizen Road, Holloway [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 13268 Private Allen FAWKES, born and resided East Bradenham [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15296 Private Stanley Walter FENSOME, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19177 Private Charles William FIELD, 30, son of C W Field of 10 Warwick Cottages, New Barnet [Hertfordshire], husband of Lily Eliza Boyce (ex-Field) of 144 East Barnet Road, New Barnet (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 13989 Sergeant Herbert John FOLEY, 35, B Company, born and resided Hertford, son of James and Emma Foley of 96 Duncombe Road, Bengeo [Hertfordshire], husband of Mary of 17 The Folly, Hertford (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15383 Private William FOREMAN, 23, born and resided Hammersmith [London], son of William and Emma Foreman of 9 Munden Street, West Kensington [London] (Carnoy Military Cemetery)
  • 15427 Lance Corporal James William FOX, born and resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Carnoy Military Cemetery)
  • 16466 Private Herbert Edward FREEMAN, born Newton [Oxfordshire], resided Stanborough [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 13335 Private Frank GATES, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19820 Private Sergeant Joseph GINGER, 30, son of Joseph and Rosina Ginger of 31 Dudley Street, Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15325 Private Arthur GODFREY, 22, son of James V and Mary Ann Godfrey of Tydd Saint Giles [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 3/7975 Private Richard Henry GOEBEL, 40, son of John and Eliza Goebel of Fulham [London], husband of Edith of 68 Cranbury Road, Fulham (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 20098 Private Herbert GRAVES, 25, son of William and Agnes Graves of The Heath, Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 12750 Corporal George GREEN, 24, son of Charles and Elizabeth Green of 20 Ford End Road, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15367 Corporal Sidney Duncan Grellier HARDIE, 22, D Company, born Holloway [London], son of Annie Florence Grellier Hardie of Castle Villa, 14 Castle Road, Clacton-on-Sea [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 13015 Private Horace Alfred HENSMAN, born Northampton, resided Shearsby [Leicestershire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 12816 Lance Corporal Frank HEWITT, 28, son of John Richard and Jane Hewitt of 493 Seven Sisters Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Derby (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 25551 Private Walter HOWLETT, 19, son of Mrs L Howlett of 8 Alma Row, Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 16283 Private Arthur JOHNSON, 24, born and resided Bedford, brother of Mrs J Cunnington of Brook End, Keysoe (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 14867 Private Charles JOWETT, born and resided Manchester [Lancashire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15028 Acting Sergeant Bert KNAPP, 22, son of James and Edith Knapp of Crossley Cottages, Winterbourne [Gloucestershire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 18565 Private Lionel Albert LANGDON, 20, B Company, born West Ham [Essex] resided Custom House [Essex], brother of H R Langdon of 32 Butcher's Road, Custom House (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19470 Sergeant George LAUGHTON, 22, son of Edwin and Fanny Laughton of 1 King Edward Road, Goldington (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 20284 Private George LEGATE, 19, son of Ephraim and S A Legate of New Road, Clifton (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 18411 Corporal Horace LEWIN MM, born Harpenden [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15979 Private Arthur George LINCOLN, 25, born Abbotsley [Huntingdonshire], son of James and Jenny Lincoln of 139 New Road, Woodstone [Peterborough] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 20075 Private Albert William LOVATT, 33, son of Henry Lovatt of 60 King Street, Burton-on-Trent [Staffordshire], husband of Jenny of 5 Bedford Street, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 12687 Lance Corporal Walter MCGRANE, 23, born Canning Town [Essex], resided Custom House [Essex], son of James and Isabel Jane McGrane of Woodfield, Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 14823 Private William MEAD, born Woodborough [Wiltshire], resided Bristol (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15307 Private William Albert MEAD, born and resided Kentish Town [London] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 16200 Sergeant Reginald William MISSENDEN, born Whaddon [Buckinghamshire], resided Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 12791 Private Edward OAKLEY, 23, son of William Charles and Martha Oakley of Berry End, Eversholt (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 14828 Private Ernest Stanley PALMER, 22, born and resided Henbury [Gloucestershire], son of William Palmer of 26a Worrall Road, Clifton [Bristol] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 23151 Private William PARISH, born and resided Everton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 20404 Private Bert PARTRIDGE, 24, son of Francis Partridge of Hope Street, Bozeat [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 7964 Lance Sergeant Ian Valentine PATON, 35, born Ayr [Ayrshire], resided Milton [Hampshire], husband of Alice Martha of 31 Methuen Road, Eastney [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 19571 Private Charles Frederick PEACH, born Peterborough, resided Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 3/7867 Lance Corporal Ernest George PERKINS, born Oxford, resided Mill Hill [Middlesex] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 20702 Private Sidney PRATT, 18, son of F Pratt of 43 Astley Road, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 12665 Private Richard RANSON, 22, D Company, son of Mr and Mrs Ranson of 54 Shandy Street, Stepney [London] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • Temporary Lieutenant Joscelyn Hugh Russell RAWES (Carnoy Military Cemetery)
  • 3/8141 Sergeant Percy Edward RICKARD, 23, son of William and Lucy Rickard of 45 Crawley Road, Luton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 16998 Corporal Frederick Charles RUFFHEAD, 32, C Company, son of Thomas Harry and Eliza Ruffhead of Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 14862 Corporal Joseph SIBTHORPE, 22, B Company, son of W J and E A Sibthorpe of 36 High Oak Road, Ware [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 13538 Lance Corporal William SMAIL, born Edinburgh [Midlothian], resided Bristol (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15272 Private Harry SMITH, born and resided Tydd Saint Giles [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 26549 Private Sidney Thomas SMITH, 26, son of Thomas Smith of 42 Abbey Road, Far Cotton [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 16184 Private Herbert Prior STANCLFF, born and resided Saint Paul's Cray [Kent] (memorial in Carnoy Military Cemetery)
  • 13297 Corporal Leonard STOKES, 25, son of William and Eliza Stokes of Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 15546 Private Leonard Victor STONE, 20, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Elizabeth Stone (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 3/8248 Private Edmund STRATTON, born and resided Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 15215 Private Frederick George THURLEY, 22, son of George and Charlotte of 49 Castle Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 3/8227 Private Arthur TITCHMARSH, born and resided Croydon [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 13656 Private Arthur Albert TRIDGETT, born and resided Chigwell [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 17263 Private Frederick George TUCK, born and resided Hengrave [Suffolk] (memorial in Carnoy Military Cemetery)
  • 3/8143 Sergeant James WATSON, born Farnworth [Lancashire], resided Nunhead [Surrey] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec)
  • 20400 Private Frank WEST born and resided Emberton [Buckinghamshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 14940 Private Thomas Richard WESTLAKE, 21, son of Mrs G A B Westlake of 19 Wilder Street, Saint Paul's [Bristol] (Thiepval Memorial)  
  • 3/8214 Private Frederick WILDMAN, born and resided Riseley (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)
  • 12632 Private William Thomas WILKINSON, born and resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)
  • 3/7730 Private Lionel Ralph WORSLEY, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)

9th Battalion
  • Temporary Second Lieutenant James CUNNINGHAM, 35, attached 7th Battalion, son of James Cunningham of Ashfield, Craigmore [Rothesay], formerly Lieutenant with Transport and Remount Department, West African Forces (Thiepval Memorial)

Died of Wounds

2nd Battalion
  • 10843 Private Richard Samuel BALL, born and resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt)

7th Battalion

  • 25661 Lance Corporal Frederick George HARRISON, son of Neville William Harrison of 4 Bedford Street, Poplar [London], resided Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie)

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