Monday 14 November 2016

Day One Hundred and Thirty Seven on the Somme

Tuesday 14th November 1916 From our Correspondent in the Field

During the day today 4th Bedfords have been counting their losses whilst acting as carrying parties taking bombs, sand-bags and other accoutrements to the men in the front line in front of the village of Beaucourt. This afternoon they withdrew to their second line trenches of yesterday.

The  commanding officer told me today that he reckons nine officers and 57 other ranks were killed yesterday(1). Five officers, including the Medical Officer have been wounded. 108 other ranks have been wounded and 16 are missing. The officers killed were:
  • Captain F G C Ashmead-Bartlett
  • Lieutenant Bartlett L S Frere
  • Lieutenant Richard H Boys
  • Lieutenant William A Turnbull
  • Second Lieutenant John Brodie
  • Second Lieutenant Harold B Hudson
  • Second Lieutenant Sydney H Agate
  • Second Lieutenant Thomas H Hill
  • Second Lieutenant L S Wilkinson
Source: X550/5/3

(1) The total killed actually seems to have been 81.

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