Thursday 24 November 2016

More on Casualties During the Battle of the Somme

Friday 24th November 1916 From our Correspondent in the Field

Following the analysis of the numbers of men who have sacrifices of war in the Battle of the Somme, readers may be interested in the relative costliness of different operations during the course of the battle. The figures below give the number of men killed in action in the most significant attacks made between 1st July and 18th November. The figures are restricted to those killed in action because it is usually impossible to know the actions resulting in deaths due to wounds which can take place several weeks later.

  • 1st Day of the Battle and immediate aftermath – 1st to 3rd July: 106 (2nd and 7th Battalions)
  • Actions at Contalmaison and Pozières  – 9th to 15th July: 92 (6th Battalion)
  • Actions in Trônes Wood  - 11th to 14th July: 61 (2nd and 7th Battalions)
  • Actions at Longueval and Delville Wood – 22nd to 31st July: 105 (1st Battalion)
  • Actions south of Guillemont – 30th July to 24th September: 138 (1st and 2nd Battalions)
  • Actions near Morval – 13th to 25th September: 158 (8th Battalion)
  • Actions at Thiepval – 26th to 29th September: 93 (7th Battalion)
  • Actions east of Le Sars – 11th to 12th October: 83 (2nd Battalion)
  • Actions on the River Ancre – 31st October to 16th November: 110 (4th and 6th Battalions)

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