Friday 13 January 2017

One Captain Leaves, One Captain Takes Over

Major J W H T Douglas [X550/1/81]

Saturday 13th January 1917

The adjutant of the 2nd Battalion, in billets at Mondicourt, tells me that one cricketing captain has been replaced by another. Major J W H T Douglas, captain of Essex and England has left the battalion this morning to command 1st/6th Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment, part of 46th (North Midland) Division, which was based in and around Luton from August 1914 to February 1915.

Major E S M Poyntz [X550/1/81]

Major Douglas’ successor as second-in-command is the captain of Somerset, Captain E S M Poyntz, who has been promoted to major. Major Poyntz is, of course, brother of Lieutenant-Colonel H S Poyntz the battalion’s commanding officer.

Source: X550/3/WD

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