Sunday, 22 January 2017

Working with Wood

2nd Lieutenant A F Aldridge [X550/1/81]

Monday 22nd January 1917

The adjutant of the 2nd Battalion, north-west of Albert, reports that 2nd Lieutenant A Stone, 2nd Lieutenant A F Aldridge and seventy other ranks are acting as a wood cutting party at Gaudiempré. Meanwhile C and D Companies are being employed on working parties for the Royal Engineers.

2nd Lieutenant A Stone [X550/1/81]

Speaking of Royal Engineers, 1st Field Company East Anglian Royal Engineers also near Albert, have taken over the work of the forward Field Company for the 2nd Division from 226th Field Company. Their work consists of improving front line posts, extending the Brigade headquarters, dugout repair and the construction of brushwood mat tracks. They are also supplying skilled labour to the Divisional Hutting Officer and Divisional Royal Engineers Dump.

Sources: X550/3/WD; WW1/WD3

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