Saturday 10 February 2018

7th Battalion Heads South

Sunday 10th February 1918

7th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment marched today from Krombeke north of Poperinge south-west to Proven where they got on a train which has taken them south to Noyon. On arribal a route march has taken them to Salency a few miles east of Noyon. They are to move eventually to the front line near Saint-Quentin, we understand.

Second Lieutenant L E Agar of 2nd Battalion has been struck off the strength of the Battalion and a Medical Board ordered to judge his state of health.

Second Lieutenant Agar [X550/1/81]

Meanwhile the remains of the 8th Battalion have been repairing huts and making trenches around their camp. The adjutant has been undertaking the melancholy task of sorting out the Battalion’s correspondence and preparing to send the records and books back to 16th Brigade Headquarters.

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