Friday 16 February 2018

The End

Saturday16th February 1918

6th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment have gone back into the front line near Ypres, headquarters being at Stirling Castle. All details of the 8th Battalion have today been posted to 5th Entrenching Battalion, with the exception of warrant officers and company quartermaster sergeants.  The Orderly Room has closed and this marks the final disbandment of the Battalion. The details which were posted to 5th Entrenching Battalion form Number 2 Company with 9th Battalion Suffolk Regiment, formerly of 6th Division and 8th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment formerly of 25th Division. Men from entrenching battalions are used as a source of reinforcements for any unit needing them, so the few remaining Bedfords will probably soon find themselves in another regiment.

Sources: X550/7/1; X550/9/1

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