Sunday 30 September 2018

After the Lord Mayor's Show

Monday 30th September

As often happens in this war, following the spectacular success yesterday, today has been a much quieter day, with smaller operations being carried on all the way from Ypres southwards. At the Saint-Quentin Canal, after the stunning success by 46th (North Midland) Division yesterday, the enemy has everywhere retired to the east bank which they are continuing to defend stoutly. To the south the French have attempted a crossing of the canal themselves, without success.

Otherwise the actions of today can be exemplified by the three battalions of the Bedfordshire Regiment remaining on the Western Front. The 1st Battalion, which has been in action at Beaucamps moved forward during the day as the enemy retired. 2nd Battalion were ordered to proceed from Ronssoy to Vendhuile to act as moppers-up for an attack but the attack was unsuccessful so they themselves had to attack and clear the village.

4th Battalion was in action on the outskirts of Cambrai. They are in the two squares marked 26 and 27 on the map below. They have been ordered to take the strongpoint named the Faubourg de Paris.

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