Wednesday, 12 September 2018

American Success at Saint-Mihiel

Thursday 12th September 1918

Today has seen a whole series of attacks made by the British Expeditionary Force, the Americans and the French. The British IV, V and VI Corps of 3rd Army have all been in action and have taken the villages of Havrincourt and Trescault, a few miles south-west of Cambrai. Despite Sir Douglas Haig's remarks of yesterday the enemy has fought tenaciously today and has launched a series of counter-attacks this evening, all of which have been beaten off and the army has made an advance of about a mile on a five mile front.

Further south the Americans, just after midnight, launched a powerful attack at Saint-Mihiel, south-east of Verdun, a German position they have held continuously since September 1914. The Americans, followed by the French, took all their objectives by this afternoon and are said to have captured a further 16,000 prisoners and more than 400 guns. This triumph has shown the enemy that this new army can achieve anything to which it sets its mind and must surely be the last nail in the coffin of German militarism.

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