Wednesday 8 October 2014

Confusion Near Abbeville

Thursday 8th October 1914: The 2nd Bedfords remain in Belgium whilst the 1st Bedfords have alighted from their train at Noyelles just north-east of Abbeville. Their new location has been the occasion of some confusion as our man with the battalion reports: “We had orders to join the rest of the brigade but as we had no maps and no guide we went about six miles out of our way in a fifteen mile march and eventually rolled up quite done in at Neuilly-l’Hôpital to hear that the billeting area had been changed and we had to trek on to another village three miles further on called Millencourt-en-Ponthieu and arrived there at 10 am”. He goes on: “I have had bad toothache all day and so did not get much sleep and also had a bad headache”.

The battalion is due to march off again this evening. The adjutant tells us that the destination is a place called Gennes-Ivergny some thirteen miles north-east. The unit will have had a tiring day.

Sources: X550/2/5; X550/2/7

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