Saturday 18 October 2014

First Casualties for the 2nd Bedfords

Geluveld church

Sunday 18th October 1914: Private T. Farmer of 2nd Bedfords tells us that the battalion has left Geluveld in a hurry: "I never had time to collect washing that I had drying, or draw rations". We spoke with the adjutant who informed us that the Battalion formed up on the Menin Road between the villages of Geluveld and Geluwe further to the south-east and advanced on the latter village.

On coming over a rise they were hit by rifle fire. As they went on they also came under shrapnel fire from artillery. Twenty one other ranks were wounded and two were killed – Private Sidney Dickens from Upper Dean and Private Leonard Livett from Little Staughton. Two other ranks are missing. The order came for the battalion to draw back a little and entrench on the left flank of 20th Brigade.

Sources: X550/3/wd

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