Monday 11 April 2016

What I Would Say to a Conscientious Objector

Tuesday 11th April 1916: Writing to friends at Biggleswade Private E Belsham, Bedfordshire Regiment, says: “We are having some rough weather and have had about five inches of snow and now it’s raining and bitter cold. We had some beautiful weather for a week and felt as fresh as larks. I have been interested in the papers. It’s amusing to read the cases of some of the conscientious objectors. Have you many at Biggleswade? I see some are afraid of killing as it’s wicked. I should like to have a chat with some of the chaps. It grieves me to now there are such chaps at home, while the boys are between them and murder. That is what it would have been if the Huns could reach our beloved shores. I love God and look to Him always for help, but I am not one of those who do not believe in killing. I believe it is God’s Will we should crush these uncivilised beings that are up against us. May God be with us and help us win”.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 14th April 1916

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