Tuesday 28 February 2017

New Rules for the Trenches

Wednesday 28th February 1917 from our correspondent in the field

Second Lieutenant Anstee, acting adjutant of 2nd Bedfords has been in contact again today. Some new rules have been issued which “will be rigidly complied with in trenches”. They are as follows:

  • The officer on duty will inspect the front line and support dug outs. At night time no one except platoon sergeants will remain in the front line dug outs.
  • Attention is drawn to Divisional Trench Orders. All men will wash and shave each day and present as clean an appearance as possible.
  • Sergeants on duty will report to officers on duty ten minutes before time.
  • "Stand to" and "stand down" will be passed down to Company Headquarters by the officer on duty.
  • Platoon commanders and sergteants please note that non-compliance with any orders with reference to discipline in the trenches falls on them and severe disciplinary action will be taken as well as all indulgences stopped, such as leave etc.
As the adjutant explained, Divisional Headquarters are evidently worried that units have become lax during the enforced inactivity of winter. They now evidently want everyone at maximum alertness for the campaigning season to come, particularly if the enemy are withdrawing.

Source: X550/3/WD

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