Wednesday 8 February 2017

Royal Engineers are Always Busy

Thursday 8th February 1917 from our correspondent in the field

The 1st Field Company, East Anglian Royal Engineers is in and around Aveluy Wood, north of Albert on the banks of the River Ancre. Its adjutant reports that it is supplying skilled labour to the Divisional Hutting Officer, making brushwood mats and cutting timber in the wood.

The Company’s other task is preparing Bangalore torpedoes for use of 6th Infantry Brigade, erecting a camouflage screen at Courcellette and the establishment of wire dump near front line. These activities suggest an attack somewhere in the vicinity of Courcelette soon(1)

Source: WW1/WD3

(1) They were preparations for an attack on Desire Support Trench on February 17th as part of a general attack around Miraumont.

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