Monday 6 March 2017

Cavalry Co-operation with Artillery

Tuesday 6th March 1917 from our correspondent in the field

Cavalry warfare is fast and fluid. Men and units must be prepared to seize the initiative and use the extra speed of the horse to their advantage. Since autumn 1914 this war has become a static war, a war of sieges, where cavalry are almost useless. However, there is an expectation that at some point the enemy’s line of trenches will be breached and a war of manoeuvre will recommence. This is why so many regiments of cavalry are retained with the armies in France and Flanders, to be used to exploit any breakthrough with their speed and dash.

The Bedfordshire Yeomanry are currently at Desvres, a few miles inland from Boulogne. Yesterday they had a lecture by the Commander, Royal Horse Artillery, 1st Cavalry Division, on co-operations between cavalry and horse artillery and how the latter can help the former in any advance. It is fervently hoped that the horsemen will have occasion to put the lessons learned to good use before they forget them.

Source: WW1/WD2

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