Saturday 2 December 2017

8th Bedfords on the Move Again

Sunday 2nd December 1917

Here at Cambrai there is hope that the German attack has stalled. There has been fierce fighting again around the villages of Gonnelieu, les Rues Vertes and Masnières but the Bedfords have still not been engaged.
The adjutant tells us that just after midnight he received orders for the Battalion to move to Plush Trench and take up a position to the junction with Highland Road. They were all in position by 6.45 this morning and then passed a very quiet day until about 5.15 when orders were received that they were to be battalion in brigade reserve with two companies in the Hindenburg Support Line astride the road from Marcoing to Ribecourt, the former village now being in enemy hands, the other two remaining in Plush Trench

Source: X550/9/1

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