Sunday 17 December 2017

Confusion over Billets

Monday 17th December 1917

The 8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment are at Mory, behind the lines north of Bapaume. This morning they marched the five miles from Courcelles-le-Comte, via Gomiecourt. They arrived at 11 a.m. but did not get into their billets until 12.30 as they were occupied by 7th Battalion, King’s Shropshire Light Infantryt from 3rd Division. Things like this are commonplace and annoying to the men involved. This was especially so as snow fell during the whole of the march and the men were wet and cold when they arrived. Tonight four officers and two hundred men have the pleasure of going up to the front line again to carry out the dangerous job of putting up barbed wire.

Source: X550/9/1

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