Monday 4 June 2018

6th Battalion's Americans Arrive

Tuesday 4th June 1918

The 120th Infantry Regiment has finally arrived with the training cadre of 6th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment. An American Infantry Regiment consists of three battalions, each of four companies for a theoretical strength of 3,720 and so is the strength of a British Brigade. This is a lot of men for a training cadre of just over fifty men to deal with. The Bedfords will train two battalions (1st and 2nd) with just twenty men with each battalion. To make matters a little more challenging the Americans are not all at Nielles, nearArdres (itself near Calais) where the Bedfords are based: 1st battalion is a Zutkerque, about two miles east and 2nd Battalion at la Montoire (half way between the two).

Source: X550/7/1

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