Sunday, 24 June 2018

Out of the Frying Pan ...

Monday 24th June 1918

1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment today moved back from the front line near Merville to reserve at Villorba Camp. Normally this would be a cause for celebration. Today, however, the men might be forgiven for wishing themselves back in the front line, where, in the last few days, things have been much quieter than of late. 

As the battalion reached the camp the enemy shelled it with gas shells. The Brigadier of 15th Brigade and his staff captain both received a good dose of the gas as well as many other ranks. 

The cadre of 6th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, training the American 120th Infantry Regiment reports a great shortage of American officers. Given this fact the Americans are likely to seek leadership advice from British soldiers, experienced from long years of this war.

Sources: X550/2/5; X550/7/1 

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