Tuesday, 27 October 2015

First Impressions of Gallipoli

Scenery near Suvla Bay 

Wednesday 27th October 1915: We have heard from a soldier who has gone out from Bedford to Gallipoli as a reinforcement to a local unit: “We have landed safely. I can tell you I was a bit nervous at first, because they were firing all the time. After landing we had a march of about five miles, partly through trenches and partly over sands. We were just about done up when we arrived. We are now living in dug-outs made in the sand and strengthened with sand bags”.

“One thing the Turks do respect is the Red Cross. So far we are keeping well. Flies are a pest here, they simply swarm round here during the day. There are plenty of Bedfordshire chaps here. I have not seen anybody I know yet. Water is very scarce here and has to be boiled first before it can be fit to drink”.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 12th November 1915

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