Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Second Impressions of Gallipoli

 1st/5th Bedfords' dugout at Gallipoli

Thursday 28th October 1915: We have heard more from the soldier we heard from yesterday. He says: “I have met plenty of Bedford fellows here. One chap I met, who is in the Royal Engineers I used to pass each day as I went to work”.

“The Turks have been shelling the batteries near us. The other day we had a big bombardment, all the land and naval units going at once; it was impossible for us to try to sleep. We are about three miles from the firing line and can see the enemy’s trenches quite plainly”.

“The Indians are very nice chaps but can speak only English a little(1). Most of the men who come down from the trenches look fed up and tired out”.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 12th November 1915

(1) British officers of Indian or Ghurkha units had to learn the language of their men and learning English was not imposed on the soldiers.

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