Thursday 5 May 2016

6th Battalion Suffers a Raid Whilst 2nd Battalion Watches Aerial Combat

Friday 5th May 1916: Yesterday morning, about 3 am, the 6th Battalion, at Monchy-au-Bois, underwent a raid by the Germans. Details are sketchy but 66 men are reported to be casualties, with eight missing, no doubt taken prisoner.

The 2nd Battalion, also in the front line, but further south at Maricourt on the Somme, report an active morning yesterday. At 9.15 a.m. one of our aeroplanes attacked and brought down an enemy aeroplane, which fell in the enemies lines. Our plane dived almost to the ground in doing so, but managed to get back to our own lines although flying at only 300 feet above the German trenches.

Sources: X550/3/wd; X550/7/1

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