Tuesday 17 May 2016

Arlesey Boys Behind Barbed Wire

Arlesey High Street [Z1306/2/5/1]

Wednesday 17th May 1916: We have had postcards from two Arlesey boys held as prisoners-of-war in Germany. Private Percy Papworth of the Bedfordshire Regiment is at Schneidmühl in Prussia(1). Albatross aircraft are made for the German air force in the town and the camp is largely made up of Russian prisoners. He is receiving parcels “quite safe weekly” and seems to be held in reasonable conditions as he says of the parcels: “Pleased to say everything is safe and in good condition and just we things we require” so evidently the guards are not resorting to theft.

Private Bowskill, also in the Bedfords, is being held at Neuhammer, also in Prussia(2). Again the camp is largely full of Russians. He, too, reports that the parcels are “very good and coming in good condition”.

Source: Biggleswade Chronicle 26th May 1916

(1) Today called Piła and part of Poland.

(2) Today another Polish town, called Świętoszów

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