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Roll of Honour - 12th April 1917

Killed in Action

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: marching on relief to Tilloy
  • 27968 Private Frederick Reginald ALLEN, 24, son of Frederick and Ellen Allen of 63 Havelock Road, Luton, born Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 32202 Private Alec William AMBROSE, 25, son of William R and Anna Maria Ambrose of Biggleswade (Arras Memorial)
  • 4/7209 Lance Corporal Chriss AUSTIN born and resided Brightlingsea [Essex] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)
  • 14286 Lance Sergeant Frank John BENGER, 23, born Aldenham [Hertfordshire], son of Joseph William Benger of 30 North View Villas, Kingston Road, Ewell [Surrey] Arras Memorial
  • 31933 Private Mathew Sidney BONNER, 24, son of William and Elizabeth Bonner of 2 Coventry Cottages, Westoning, resided Bedford (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)
  • 12035 Private Jonas BRETT, born Little Hadham [Hertfordshire], resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 33693 Private John Bertram COLLIER, 19, D Company, ex-27657 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of John Collier of 36 Hampton Street, Northampton (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)
  • 12694 Private Leslie Humphrey COOPER, born Shillington, resided Lower Stondon (Arras Memorial)
  • 32111 Private Ernest John Henry DARNELL, 19, son of Ada Elizabeth Comyns (ex-Darnell) of Church Path, Sandy, born Northill, resided Lower Caldecote (Wancourt British Cemetery)
  • 10761 Private Samuel FISHER born Birmingham [Warwickshire], resided Addlestone [Surrey] (Arras Memorial)
  • 14163 Lance Corporal Valentine Thomas FLANDERS, 23, born King's Lynn [Norfolk] resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire], brother of Mrs A J Large of 2 Ridge Road, Letchworth (Arras Memorial)
  • 33448 Lance Sergeant John HARRIS, 26, ex-23008 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Morley [Yorkshire], son of J Harris of 6 Saint Peter's Street, Northampton (Wancourt British Cemetery)
  • 14455 Private William HAWKES, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 15287 Private George HULL, born and resided Sundon, son of J Jull of 12 Butlin Road, Luton (Arras Memorial)
  • 10604 Corporal George HUNT, 29, A Company, son of E Maunders of 79 High Street, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Wancourt British Cemetery)
  • 35967 Lance Corporal Henry James JOHNSON, 20, son of Henry and Mary Johnson of 17 Townley Street, Walworth [London] (Arras Memorial)
  • Private Thomas JONES, born Dublin, resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 43315 Private George KNOCK ex-7952 Suffolk Regiment, born Stowmarket [Suffolk], resided Lavenham [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 25247 Private James MATTHEWS, 20, born White Roding [Essex], resided New Barnet [Hertfordshire], son of William and Ellen Matthews of 8 Napier Road, Ponder's End [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 31903 Private Horace George MCDONNELL, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)
  • 17593 Private William MOONEY, born Hartford [Lancashire], resided Lees [Lancashire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 12904 Corporal Jack MORETON, 21, son of Sarah A Moreton of 22 Liverpool Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)
  • 17580 Private William Charles MOSSMAN, 21, D Company, born Stepney [London], resided Comberton [Cambridgeshire] son of William Joseph and Alice Rebecca Mossman of 31 Woodctock Road, Poplar [London] (Arras Memorial)
  • 33581 Private Arthur Frederick NORTHOVER, 19, A Company, born Upton [Northamptonshire], son of F G Northover of 32 Southampton Road, Far Cotton, Northampton (Wancourt British Cemetery)
  • 13237 Private Joseph John PAGE, born and resided Willesden [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 12312 Private Colin George PINCHEN, 23, born Corpusty [Norfolk], resided Attlebridge [Norfolk] son of Mrs Emily Arthurton of Little Witchingham Hall [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 12069 Sergeant Alfred James SAPSED, 22, born Barkway [Hertfordshire], son of James and Mary Sapsed of 67 Woolgrove Road, Walsworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 25171 Private Frank SOLESBURY, 27, son of Robert Solesbury of Milton Ernest (Wancourt British Cemetery)
  • 32160 Private Charles SOPER, born and resided Luton (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)
  • 33573 Private Herbert William TARRY ex-27656 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Northampton (Arras Memorial)
  • 25575 Private William THOMPSON, born Haverhill [Suffolk], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 10495 Lance Corporal Alfred WALDUCK, born and resided Drayton Parslow [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 33104 Private Alfred Henry WEBBER born Lambeth [London], resided Vauxhall [London] (Arras Memorial)
  • 21411 Private Charles Edward WILKINS, 30, ex-1730 Royal Field Artillery, son of Henry Wilkins of 82 Church Street, Eastbourne [Sussex], husband of Bessie of 4 Alfrey Road, Seaside [Sussex] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)
  • 18379 Corporal Thomas WILLIAMS Leeds [Yorkshire] Hunslett [Yorkshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 32276 Private Walter WRIGHT, 38, son of Mary Ann Sale of Wadesmill, Ware [Hertfordshire] husband of Annie Elizabeth of High Cross [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)

Died of Wounds

6th Battalion
  • 31567 Private William George FORD, 39, born Watford [Hertfordshire] son of James and Elizabeth Ford of Elstree [Hertfordshire], husband of Josephine F of Yew Cottage, Aldenham Road, Elstree (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)
  • 14221 Lance Corporal James HUTCHINSON, 23, born Northallerton [Yorkshire], son of Ann Price of Bilton Junction, Harrogate [Yorkshire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)
  • 12256 Sergeant Walter Reginald NORRIS, 28, son of Walter and Emma Norris of Great Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], husband of Lily Susan of Mount Cottage, Didmarton [Gloucestershire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)
  • 32267 Private Hugh Musk SMITH, 25, son of Edward and Helen Smith, husband of Annie of 91 Ridge Avenue, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras)
  • 31782 Private Reginald SUTTON born Moxford [Devon], resided Boreham Wood [Hertfordshire], son of Charles E Sutton (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)

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