Saturday 29 April 2017

Twenty First Day of the Battle of Arras

Sunday 29th April 1917

Last night at 7 o’clock 63rd (Royal Naval) Division and 2nd Division resumed their attacks of yesterday. 63rd Division was to advance far enough to form a defensive flank for 2nd Division’s attack on Oppy Wood and Oppy itself.

63rd Division’s included an attack by a composite battalion formed by 7th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and 4th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment. I spoke with the adjutant of the Bedfords at length today and he told me that the composite battalion achieved its objective, but was then counter-attacked and driven out. However, it rallied and then re-took the trench it was to occupy and had consolidated it by about 11 o’clock this morning.

99th Brigade of the Division achieved some success and, after similar vicissitudes to the Bedfords, eventually managed an advance of about one thousand yards. 2nd Division also managed an advance of about one thousand yards. Altogether, although Oppy Wood and Oppy itself remained in German hands the trench system defending them has been taken.

Sources: X550/5/3.

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