Tuesday 27 January 2015

1st Bedfords’ Dispositions

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Wednesday 27th January 1915: we have heard that the 1st Battalion is quite spread out at the moment. It has been behind the lines at Dranouter but today has moved forward to the vicinity of Lindenhoek in support of our front line. Near a crossroads, in a group of farm buildings, are posted the headquarters, C and D Companies. A Company is closer to the front supporting the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment whilst B Company supports 1st Battalion.

The reason for this movement is that we expect a German attack. Their Kaiser is 56 today and it would not be surprising if his birthday was the excuse for an attack.

A draft of sixty non commissioned officers and private soldiers has also joined the battalion today. This will make good some of the losses the battalion suffered in November last as well as losses incurred since.

Source: X550/2/5

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