Tuesday 6 January 2015


Dranouter church

Wednesday 6th January 1915: The 1st Bedfords are out of the firing line at the moment, being in support at Dranouter. However, this does not mean they are at rest as they are having to find men to do fatigues each day.

It is probably true to say that fatigues are amongst the most hated things in a Tommy’s life. As the name suggests they tend to be fatiguing often involving fetching and carrying. They are also dangerous. The Bedfords are, at the moment, providing fatigue parties carrying ammunition, barbed wire and other necessities up to the units in the front line. This, of course, exposes them to enemy shelling and snipers. Thus, even though not officially in the front line men will spend some time there each day.

Source: X550/2/5

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