Wednesday 7 January 2015

No Truce This Time

Sunday 7th March 1915: A Sergeant of the 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, tells us that when they were in the trcenches about a month ago (at Fleurbaix): "The Germans shouted: "Are you all Bedfords? We are the 115th". It appears that they are the same lot that were facing us at Christmas time when we had the truce. They also told us to look out for February 18th (the blockade date). Of course our men gave them some decent replies, you can  bet. Some of our fellows get nasty wounds, but are quite cheerful. Last night a man got shot right through the neck. It was a very lucky escape for him. Another half-inch would have killed him outright, but all he said was "Would you mind binding me up, please?" He managed to walk to the dressing station, about 500 yards in the rear of the trenches"(1).

(1) Instances of the Germans shouting out to the British soldiers in trenches opposite are well attested, as is their habit of welcoming new units into the line by name. Not unnaturally this inspired thoughts of traitors in the British ranks, as it was probably meant to do. In fact the Germans were tapping unscrambled telephone lines running back from the British front line to headquarters.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 12th March 1915

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