Friday 5 June 2015

Prospective Candidate Going to the Front

Lieutenant Gerald Hargreaves

Saturday 5th June 1915: It is probable that the men of A Squadron of the Bedfordshire Imperial yeomanry will soon take their places at the Front, side by side with the other Yeomen of England who have gone forth to fight their country’s battles(1). With them will be Lieutenant Gerald de la P. Hargreaves, the prospective Unionist Candidate(2) for Bedford. Lieutenant Hargreaves enlisted in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry just over twelve months ago and joined his Regiment on mobilisation last August. Since then he has worked hard to make himself and the men under his command efficient for the great struggle which lies in front of him and them. It was only just recently that he was promoted to a full Lieutenancy, and his many personal friends and political supporters and opponents in Bedford will join with us in wishing him good luck and a safe return.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 11th June 1915

(1) The Yeomanry were territorial cavalry.

(2) This is the forerunner of today’s Conservative Party.

(3) Gerald de la Pryme Hargreaves was selected to fight the general election expected by the end of 1915. In the event this did not take place, because of the war. The next general election was on 14th December 1918 when Liberal Frederick George Kelleway was returned as MP for Bedford, defeating Independent Henry Burridge. Hargreaves never fought an election in Bedford.

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