Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Attack Postponed

Second Lieutenant Fink [X550/1/81]

Thursday 29th June 1916: Something the adjutant of the 2nd Battalion let slip today tells us the great push on the Somme should have begun this morning. However, it has been very wet for the past two days, so the ground was not optimum for a speedy advance. This suggests a couple of days will be allowed for the ground to dry which further suggests that the attack may begin on or around 1st July.

Second Lieutenant L. H. Walker and ten men carried out a very successful reconnaissance of the enemy lines during the night. The patrol penetrated into enemy support line and returned with very useful information. Second Lieutenant  L. A. Fink and twelve men also reconnoitred then enemy front line trenches. Unfortunately Corporal Thurgood and six men lost touch and did not return which probably means they have been captured.

Source: X550/3/wd

Second Lieutenant L. H. Walker [X550/1/81]

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