Wednesday 1 June 2016

War Trophy of the Bedfordshire Regiment

Bedford Police Station in 1965 [BP65/54/3b]

Thursday 1st June 1916: An interesting ceremony was performed in the Police Station yard, Bedford yesterday morning when Major Lightfoot, of the Bedfordshire Regiment, handed to the Mayor of Bedford (Mr F R Hockliffe) the gun which was in November 1915 lent to the Bedfordshire Regiment in recognition of their gallantry in France when forming part of the 7th Division at the time the gun was captured from the Germans. The trophy was conveyed by a fatigue party of the Bedfordshire Regiment (amongst whom were several of the soldiers present at the capture), headed by the fine band of the Regiment, playing stirring tunes, and in formally presenting the gun Major Lightfoot said he had the honour of handing it over as a loan to the Regiment and hoped it would serve to remind those who saw it of the gallant conduct of their county regiment. They all, he knew, as he did, regretted that many gallant lives had been lost.

The Mayor thanked Major Lightfoot and the regiment for the honour done done to the Borough and said he had pleasure in taking the gun into safe keeping. He hoped that shortly they would have erected a suitable enclosure that would be worthy of the deeds done by the “Brave Bedfords”. He called for three cheers for the Bedford Regiment, which were heartily given and the brief proceedings concluded with the National Anthem.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 26th May 1916

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