Saturday 11 June 2016

Bathing a Necessity

Sunday 11th June 1916: Sergeant Maurice T Wood of the 1st/5th Battalion in Egypt tells us: “We have had some jolly hot weather … On Monday, June 5th, it was about 120 degrees in the shade. This will give you some idea of how freely we perspire. Fortunately we have got a place to bathe in, but I cannot tell you what. You must rest assured that I take advantage of it and do as much bathing as I possibly can. I am jolly thankful now that I learned to swim in the old river at Biggleswade, although after some of the rivers I have seen, one can hardly classify the old Ivel as a river. I had an invite to dinner with the Brigade Clerks and we had a jolly good feed and yesterday we clubbed round and had another similar spread.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 30th June 1916

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