Sunday, 16 October 2016

Day One Hundred and Eight on the Somme

Lieutenant Hopkins

Monday 16th October 1916: From our Correspondent in the Field

8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, are still in the line east of Gueudecourt. They reported that in the clear skies which we have had for most of the day, aircraft have been very active, resulting in less hostile shelling during daylight. There was intense hostile shelling for half an hour commenced at 5.45 this evening, though, resulting in four dead and four wounded. Good news is that another German sniper has been shot down.

Second Lieutenant Oakley

The 2nd Battalion moved into Flers Trench today, near Le Sars where they are acting as reserve for 21st Brigade. Lieutenant R Hopkins has taken over command of B Company and Second Lieutenant R E Oakley of A Company. The strength of the Battalion in the trenches is that all four companies – A, B, C and D have just two officers and fifty men each. Headquarters comprises four officers and 107 men under the command of Major J W H T Douglas.

Major Douglas.

Today 6th Division took some gun pits near Lesboeufs whilst 39th Division fought off no fewer than three German attempts to retake the Schwaben Redoubt. This was a particularly fine performance by the division as the enemy were employing flame-throwers.

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