Sunday 30 October 2016

Day One Hundred and Twenty Two on the Somme

Lieutenant Mudford

Monday 30th October 1916 From our Correspondent in the Field

Today 2nd Bedfords have moved to front line trenches at Berles-au-Bois opposite German-held Monchy north of the Somme. Captain L F Beal is no longer Town Major of Pommier, having been made temporary aide-de-camp to 30th Division commander, Sir John Shea. His replacement is Lieutenant H E Mudford. Meanwhile Captain H A W Pearse has returned from 30th Divisional School and has taken command of A Company.

4th Battalion have left Varennes and are tonight near the front line at Beaumont-Hamel. Their division may go into action here in the near future. 7th Battalion are also preparing for an attack. Their task will be to capture the village of Petit-Miraumont on the River Ancre north of Courcelette and with it, a vital bridge across the Ancre.

On the Thiepval ridge 11th Division have taken the southern half of Stuff Redoubt. the Canadians also helped the division to clear more of Hessian Trench. Meanwhile 55th Brigade of 18th Division has been fighting hard to hold on to its grasp of the Schwaben Redoubt.

23rd Division stormed Destremont Farm during the day whilst 47th (London) Division made progress north-east of Flers.

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