Saturday 23 September 2017

Fifty Fifth Day of the Third Battle of Ypres

Sunday 23rd September 1917

Once again it is proved that one should never speak too soon. After opining on 21st that the gains made on 20th now looked safe from any counter-attacks, your correspondent was, not for the first time, made to look a fool today when of German counter-attacks, albeit unsuccessful ones, took place.

The enemy launched an attack against 58th Division (2nd/1st London), trying to take the position known as Stroppe Farm, but this has been beaten off. Another attack was put in against the 51st (Highland) Division It came from the direction of enemy-held Poelcapelle and struck the centre of the new line, but was repulsed by 5th and 6th Battalions of the Seaforth Highlanders. 20th (Light) Division drove off the enemy with small arms fire around dawn this morning.

20th Division have also been on the attack themselves. 59th Brigade attacked the last remaining length of Eagle Trench in enemy hands. They were able to pinch out this salient by attacking it from both ends at once.

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