Monday, 4 September 2017

Thirty Sixth Day of the Third Battle of Ypres

Tuesday 4th September 1917

61st (2nd South Midland) Division continue their small, piecemeal attacks on the German strong-points north of Ypres. Today they managed to get within a few yards of Aisne Farm before falling back due to heavy fire.

The enemy has yielded another strong-point without a fight, however. 58th Division has occupied a place called Spot Farm.

Spot Farm

2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, are now in the front line trenches east of Oostaverne, well to the south of Ypres, that sector, at the moment, being quiet.

6th Battalion are at Mount Sorrel, south-east of Zillebeke. The adjutant contacted us this evening to let us know that the enemy had attempted to raid the battalion’s trenches east of Klein Zillebeke, but was driven off by rifle fire. He stated: “A Company under Second Lieutenant R K Wright, who was slightly wounded, did very well on this occasion and were mainly instrumental in bringing about the failure of the raid. A patrol sent out after the raid brought in a dead Hun who provided a valuable identification. The enemy came over in some strength and were provided with explosive charges”. The dead man had, presumably, identification papers enabling the Bedfords to determine his unit.

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