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Roll of Honour - 30th October 1917

Killed in Action

4th Battalion: partially successful attack across the Paddebeek near Passchendaele
  • 40621 Private Hubert Owen ANDREW, 29, ex-45201 Suffolk Regiment, son of Hubert Owen and Mary Jane Andrew of 90 Derby Road,Northampton (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204057 Private Jesse Arthur ARNOLD, 22, ex-240848 East Surrey Regiment, son of Christopher and Elizabeth Arnold of Woking Waterworks,Chertsey [Surrey], enlisted October 1914 in 2nd/6th Battalion East Surrey Regiment (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204379 Private Percy AYRES, 29, son of Mary Ann Ayers of 3 Priory Terrace, Northampton and late William F Ayers (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 203266 Private Leonard Denton AYRES, born and resided Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 12930 Lance Corporal Richard BEASLEY DCM, 23, born Didcot [Berkshire] son of Elizabeth Ann Beasley of New Road, Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 25729 Private Joe John BENSON, born Southery [Norfolk], resided Peterborough (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 3/7667 Private Arthur BETTLES, born and resided Rushden [Northamptonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43496 Private Mason Harold BOGGIS, 27, ex-242362 East Surrey Regiment, born and resided Hebden Bridge [Yorkshire], son of Emily Boggis of 9 New Road, Mytholmroyd [Yorkshire] and late Samuel Boggis, husband of Eliza of 8 Bank Buildings, Hawksclough [Yorkshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 37553 Private Frederick BONFIELD, 48, son of William and Mary Ann Bonfield of Guilden Morden [Cambridgeshire], husband of Edith of Potton Road, Guilden Morden (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40624 Private Alfred Albert BONHAM, ex-45194 Suffolk Regiment, born Kettering [Northamptonshire] resided Wellingborough [Northamptonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23181 Private Oscar John BOON, 20, born Folksworth [Northamptonshire], resided Bedford, son of William and Hannah Boon of 1 Willoughby Cottage, Great Barford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 29900 Private Edward BOWMAN, born and resided Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 14620 Sergeant Edward BRADSHAW, born and resided Luton (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 14919 Lance Corporal Horace Percy BRIDGE, 22, born Cottershill [Staffordshire], son of John George and Florence Bridge of 14 High Street, Biggleswade (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 26761 Private William Charles CAKEBREAD, 22, born London, son of William and Harriett Cakebread of Woodview, Shefford Road, Meppershall (Poelcapelle British Cemetery)
  • 203345 Private Ernest CARTER, 19, born Walkern [Hertfordshire], son of George and Edith Carter of Dark Lane, Langford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 37185 Private Alfred CHAPMAN, 29, son of James and Jane Chapman of Bluntisham [Huntingdonshire], husband of Ada E of Bridge End, Somersham [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 15037 Private Alfred Claude CLARKE, born Walworth [London], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Poelcapelle British Cemetery)
  • 304403 Private Ernest COLE, 34, born and resided Newport [Essex], son of late Alfred and Emily Cole (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40183 Private James COOPER, ex-28188 Essex Regiment, born and resided Norwich [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 205822 Private Harry CRAWLEY, 24, ex-1891 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, son of Harry and Amy Crawley of 12 Rothesay Road, Luton (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 203523 Private Arthur CROFT, born and resided Ramsey Saint Mary [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43510 Private John William DALE, 31, ex-242199 East Surrey Regiment, husband of Gertrude of 7 Chelmsford Street, Leeds [Yorkshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43511 Private Charles DAWSON, 33, ex-242533 East Surrey Regiment, husband of L Dawson of 88 Bank Street, Brighouse [Yorkshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 30147 Private William Charles Eastcott DAY, 30, born Wimbledon [Surrey], resided East Sheen [Surrey], son of Charles Lawford and Alise Maud Day, husband of Florence Martha of 6 Pope’s Grove, Twickenham [Middlesex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40186 Private George William DOUGHTY, ex-28205 Essex Regiment, born Suffield [Norfolk], resided Oulton [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 14443 Private Thomas DYMOCK, 33, son of E E Dymock of 26 Duke Street, Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] and late Thomas Dymock (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 19925 Private Ralph FAREY, 29, born Royston [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], husband of Alice S of 12 Kent Place, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40585 Private Joseph Christy FERGUSON, 29, ex-25670 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Southwark [London], son of John and Jane Ferguson of 77 Northcote Road, Norwich [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204394 Private Herbert Noel FIELD, 31, born South Hackney [London], resided Ilford [Essex], son of William B and Sarah J Field (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 203270 Private Hubert William FIELD born and resided Luton (Poelcapelle British Cemetery)
  • 203250 Private John Thomas FRENCH, born and resided Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 13756 Private Benjamin GOODMAN, 39, born Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided King's Langley [Hertfordshire], son of George Goodman of Bellsize, Sarratt [Hertfordshire], husband of Annie Benjamin of 3 Dunny Lane, Chipperfield [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 30497 Corporal Lewis Thomas GOODWIN, 19, born London, resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire], son of Albert William and Katherine Goodwin of 65 Sangley Road, Catford [London] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40640 Private Leonard Vaughan HACK, 32, ex-45215 Suffolk Regiment, born Peckham [London], son of E Hack of 23 Jersey Road, Ilford [Essex], husband of Eleanor Priscilla of 55 Audrey Road, Ilford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43526 Private Harry HAMBLETT, 21, ex-241986 East Surrey Regiment, son of Fred and Lucy J Hamblett of Walthamstow [Essex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40652 Private Walter Arthur George HARRISS, ex-47808 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Bury Saint Edmund's [Suffolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204510 Private Hamilton Charles HAVERS, 36, ex-200397 Norfolk Regiment, son of Francis Curtis and Emma E Havers of Norwich [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 12374 Lance Corporal William Alfred HAYNES, born and resided Lambeth [London] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40643 Private Charles Henry HILL, 20, ex-45173 Suffolk Regiment, son of Joseph and Sarah Hill of New House Farm, Bovingdon [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 39439 Lance Corporal Samuel Lark HOLFORD, ex-5477 Army Pay Corps, born Limehouse [London], resided Bow [London] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23647 Lance Corporal George HORSLER, born Sundon, resided Great Bramingham (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 27526 Private William Bertie ILOTT born Bengeo [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204396 Lance Corporal George Alfred JACKSON, born and resided Chadwell Heath [Essex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 18797 Lance Corporal Wilfred George KITCHENER, 21, son of Charles Henry and Rachel Kitchener of 36 Church Street, Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23335 Private Alfred Harold LEONARD, 21, son of Mary Elizabeth Leonard of 5 New Road, Guilden Morden [Cambridgeshire] and late Alfred Leonard (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 18552 Private Joseph William LISTER, born and resided Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23515 Lance Corporal Frederick LITTLE, 34,  son of Charles and Sarah of Warden Lane, Ickwell, resided Biggleswade (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23605 Private Wilmot LORTON, 21, born Hanslope [Buckinghamshire], son of J and Emma Lorton of Little Brickhill [Buckinghamshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23720 Private Edgar MASSEY, 23, born Broughton [Buckinghamshire], son of Fanny Massey of 4 Aspley Hill, Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204504 Private Edgar George MEDLAR, 19, ex-201427 Norfolk Regiment, son of George Medlar of Cranes Lane, Marsham [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 32004 Private Victor John MILTON, 19, son of Frederick J and Lizzie Milton of 43 Hitchin Street, Biggleswade (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23336 Private Albert John MURRER, 27, son of George and Elizabeth Murrer of 30 Bedford Street, Woburn (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 25675 Sergeant Arthur Frederick Owen NORRIS, 24, born Haynes, resided Boreham Wood [Hertfordshire], son of David and Kate Norris of Flitwick Lodge (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 26777 Private Alfred PAGE, born Wollaston [Northamptonshire], resided Bozeat [Northamptonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 23429 Private Herbert PAINE, born and resided Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 17532 Acting Corporal George Walter PALMER, 19, born Kennington [London] son of Alice Palmer of 109 Brookdale Road, Catford [London] (Poelcapelle British Cemetery)
  • 43548 Private Harold Henry PARSONS, 26, ex-242072 Norfolk Regiment, son of Elizabeth Jane Parsons of 4 Defford Place, Aston [Warwickshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 204157 Private Albert PAYNE, 22, ex-1549 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, born Blenheim [Oxfordshire], son of Sabta and Louisa Payne of Barton Hill Cottage, Streatley (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 14308 Sergeant Arthur Charles PEPPER, 26, son of Phoebe Pepper of 76 High Street, Ridgmont and late John Pepper, resided Oakley (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 26633 Lance Corporal Henry Charles PLAMPIN, 26, son of Charles Plampin of Rectory Road, Newton [Suffolk] and late Harriet Plampin (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 39463 Private Henry Frederick PLAYER, 26, ex-5940 Army Pay Corps, born and resided Plaistow [Essex], son of late Frederick Reed Player and Janet Player, husband of Lily Francis (ex-Player) of 11 Station Road, Greenhithe [Kent] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 25299 Private Harry POLLARD, 23, born Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Ada Pollard of 36 Lytton Avenue, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 12255 Private William Ernest POOLE, born and resided Writtle [Essex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 17621 Lance Corporal Sidney RENSHAW, born Battersea [London], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40654 Private Herbert George ROBINSON, 20, ex-45169 Suffolk Regiment, son of Albert Edward and Minnie Robinson of 6 Silverdale Street, Kempston (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 21274 Private Francis Thomas ROSE, 35, ex-94555 Royal Artillery, son of Isaac and Emma Rose of 53 Castle Street, Cirencester [Gloucestershire] husband of Florence Mary of Sutton Benger [Wiltshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40132 Private Jack ROWE, 28, ex-12851 Essex Regiment, born West Ham [Essex] resided Leytonstone [Essex], brother of Ethel E Bye of 92 Crowfield Road, Stratford [London] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40958 Private Headley ROWLAND, 28, ex-222278 Labour Corps, born Dunton, resided Biggleswade, husband of E J Buck (ex-Rowland) of 2 Waterloo Cottages, Biggleswade (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40501 Private Jonathan Barlow SAUNDERS, ex-29086 Essex Regiment, born Billockby [Norfolk], resided Fleggburgh Marshes [Norfolk] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40656 Private Edwin Backmore SAWYER, ex-45610 Suffolk Regiment, born Haggerston [London], resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 26023 Private Frederick SMITH, 26, son of late Richard and Frances Smith of 23 Northcote Road, Walthamstow [Essex], resided Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40661 Private Walter SPARLING, 30, ex-45213 Suffolk Regiment, born Brightlingsea [Essex], husband of Florence of 6 Saint John’s Green, Colchester [Essex], son of E Sparling (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 10044 Corporal Walter John SPELLER, born Hunsdon [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40967 Private George STANBRIDGE, ex-30504 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Hertford (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 30032 Private George Henry STEVENS, 29, born Hackney [London], resided South Norwood [Surrey], son of Thomas W Stevens, husband of Violet of 6 Sydenham Park [London] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 22325 Corporal Thomas TAYLOR, born and resided Essendon [Hertfordshire] (Poelcapelle British Cemetery)
  • Second Lieutenant Albert Edward TEE, 28, C Company, son of Joseph Tee of Farcet [Huntingdonshire], husband of Christina May Hall (ex-Tee) of 330 Washington Street, Woburn [Massachussetts] (Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele)
  • 37590 Private Francis John TIDMARSH, 26, born Tetsworth [Oxfordshire], resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], son of Mary Tidmarsh of Cookham [Buckinghamshire] and late George Tidmarsh, husband of Gladys Winifred Phipps Tidmarsh of Stadhampton [Berkshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43070 Sergeant Edward Frank TODD, ex-1196 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Brampton [Huntingdonshire], resided Hartford Hill [Huntingdonshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 203295 Private Gerald Theodore TRUSSELL, born Tunbridge Wells [Kent], resided Essendon [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43568 Private Edwin VAUSE, 22, ex-242154 East Surrey Regiment, son of Nathaniel and Emma Vause of 65 Newport Street, Goole [Yorkshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 17273 Lance Corporal Harry WAGSTAFF, born Huntingdon, resided Biggleswade (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 240512 Private Arthur WARD, born Birmingham [Warwickshire], resided Sparkbrook [Warwickshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 43487 Private Albert Edgar WEAVER, 26, ex-242070 Norfolk Regiment, born Birmingham [Warwickshire], son of Thomas and Mary Weaver of 233 Slade Road, Eardington [Shropshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40669 Private Albert Joseph WELCH, ex-45182 Suffolk Regiment, born Aldgate [London], resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 31255 Private Frederick John WEST, born Heath and Reach, resided Leighton Buzzard (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 30685 Lance Corporal Arthur Lionel WILLINGHAM, born and resided Flitton (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 20589 Private Herbert WILLSHER, 21, born and resided Caldecote, son of late Lilian Stokes (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 28442 Sergeant John WOODWARD, born Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], resided Harefield [Middlesex] (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  • 40670 Private Richard WRIGHT, 19, ex-45180 Suffolk Regiment, born Kempston, son of Frederick and Eliza Wright of Duck End, Biddenham (Tyne Cot Memorial)

10th Battalion
  • Second Lieutenant Leslie Charles Thomas GATE, 21, attached 4th Battalion, son of Thomas Alexander and Emma Augusta Gate (Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele)

Died of Wounds

4th Battalion
  • 18336 Private Henry HILLIARD, resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Tyne Cot Memorial)


1st/5th Battalion
  • 201326 Private William PATTERSON, 24, born Sutton [Cambridgeshire] son of William and Alice Patterson of 9 Newtown, Haddenham [Cambridgeshire] (Jerusalem Memorial)

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